Maelstrom Pantheon

The pantheon of maelstrom has changed drastically over the years as the gods have time and time again sought power from each other, but there are some constants that have survived the ages and are accepted as the truth.

The Primary Tier
The Primary tier represents the first gods and the most powerful by far. It consists of only three beings:
Kaylisits: The great father of the gods and the god of destiny
Niet: The goddess of logic and thought and the first wife of Kaylistis.
Kaos: The goddess of maddness and insanity as well as the second wife of Kaylisits.

The Secondary Tier
The gods of the secondary tier were born through a union of Kaylisits as his wives. Most were born to Niet with only the goddess Dana being born of Kaos. They are:
Arius: The patron diety of the human race
Innallian: The patron deity of the elven race
Mert: The patron deity of the gnomish race
Tyrianiaxim: The patron diety of dragons
Gell: The patron deity of giant-kin
Malinax: The patron deity the dwarf race.
Dana: The patron deity of the aborent race, thought to be extinct in the current age.

The Tertiary Tier
The gods of the tertiary tier were all created by Kaylistis and then banished to the plane of Prism. It is from this plane that the mysterious material prismite comes and the seven tgertiary gods each enjoy a brief period of rule over the others every few decades. Whatever diety rules the plane has a direct effect on the material plane.

The Quartentary Tier
The gods the fourth tier were all once mortals who fell in service to their portfolio and were granted divinity. Pior to Briannder’s appointment as the god of seasons, the world’s weather was monotonous. Prior to Torriander’s appointment as the god of magic, magic was a crude and unpredictable thing. That is not to say that there were no wars or death before Ain and Pendol, merely that these events were managed by Kaylistis at the time.

The Demi-God Tier
The final tier represents the champions of the god who have been given extended lives and special authority or power from their gods. They are not immortal though they share many characteristics with Deathless. Periodically, these so called gods will disapear from the world only to return when they are needed by their gods. Nobody knows exactly how the gods choose who gets to accend to demi-god status.

Maelstrom Pantheon

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