Slash and Pierce

Assassin and thief, a pair of siblings who have survived in Ralinek


Slash and Pierce are not actually brother and sister, but they have decided to become family long ago. There were both abandonned by their parents in Ralinek and neither the Guild, the Hand nor the School chose to scout them. They spent their days stealing to survive and evading capture. Eventually the pair chanced upon a contract to assassinate a lord visiting Dorval. Though neither had much experience, they could not resist the gold they would be paid if they succeeded. Though it was a harrowing experience which nearly cost both of them their lives, they slew the lord, collected their pay and were quickly scouted by a handler from the Thieves Guild.

Slash and Pierce choose not to join the guild, but they did accept jobs and an agreement that they’d pay minimal dues and be granted protection. Slash and Pierce worked together well for several years until they were given a contract by an elf named Desthix to kill a deathless elf named Nailana. The two set out to slay their mark and were dragged into a series of events that led to the start of the Second Divine War.

Slash and Pierce ended up being recruited by Levian and Nailana’s alliance and their efforts shorteneed the Second Divine War by years. They returned to Jacintha, choosing to settle in Stonewall as oppose to Ralinek, and began establishing a series of safe houses and a network of contacts and they have since concentrated on building their personal wealth for an unknown goal.

The party encountered Slash when she entered a dagger throwing competition in which she was the champion. The party defeated her in competition but Slash and Pierce managed to separate one ally from the party and were told not to travel to Ralinek. The two vanished into the darkness shortly after without any indication as to what was happening.

Slash and Pierce

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