One of the last surviving human deathlesses, the Praetor to the Cethanol Emperor and the Hero of the Divine Wars


Levian was amongst the second mass of deathless created. Levian grew up in Deth Camyn, tended to by the first generation of deathless. When the human race was still young, Levian was one of many who was noticed by the gods and he rapidly became a candidate for Arius’ champion of Maelstrom. He trained hard in philosophy and negotiation. He successfully negotiated a truce between the humans and the dragons, he made first contact with the xenophobic elves and mastered the complex languages of dwarves and gnomes long before any other human, making him amongst the most revered human of his era.

Levian fell in love with the spellfinder Cassandriel and the two pledged their lived to one another. Levian and Cassandriel worked hard to bring peace between the races of the world and they did much to benefit mankind. Soon Arius demanded that Levian decide whether to devote his life to his god or accept a wife. Levian considered his choice for many decades before he chose to accept a life as a man an not represent his god. Arius accepted Levian’s choice and granted him and Cassandriel his blessing. Arius chose another human, Delcan, to represent his will and Levian and Cassandriel went on to live as normal humans.

Shortly afterwards, Levian and Cassandriel concieved a child. Days before the child was die, Delcan killed Cassandriel and her unborn child in a failed attempt to kill Levian. Levian, blinded with rage, charged to see his god and demanded to know why Delcan had slew his wife. Arius, confused, tried to calm Levian while he conversed with his champion Delcan, but Levian would not be consoled. He attacked his own god. Nobody is sure how he survived.

Soon Delcan’s treachery was discovered and he was denounced as Arius’ champion. He evaded pursuit and dissapeared into maelstrom. Soon Levian demanded to be the champion and he devoted his life to training and disapline. When the Breaking occured, Levian was standing in Arius’ presense as the goddess of maddness forced Arius to abondon Maelstrom.

Levian spent many years in the ancestral home of Deth Kamyn before deciding to venture into the world created by the mortals. He wandered aimlessly for several decades before settling in Cethanol where he could stay close to Deth Kamyn should he ever need to return.


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