A hired mage loyal to the Slan and the House of Fire


Jellanors, or Jane as she prefers to be called, was born in Cethanol. She studied divination in the city of Lightwing and took on an apprenticeship in Eddinval under the previous House of Fire’s mage Haronik. While working in the House of Fire, Jane ended up befriending a local Lady named Ember Miracil, a lesser daughter of the House of Ice. Jane introduced the Lady to the young Lord Slan of the House of Fire and greatly encouraged their relationship.

Jane completed her apprenticeship around he same time that Lord Slan and Lady Ember were wed. She had intended to return to Cethanol and join the Order of Cethanol to compete to be a High Mage, but Lady Ember asked Jellanors to stay, and Jane could not leave her friend. She has since become a master mage and has begun to train n apprentice of her own. She is very loyal to the House of Fire, Lady Ember and Slan especially, and she would do anything to protect the reputation of her friends.

The party first encountered Jellanors when Prestroth ordered her to assist the party is travelling to Cethanol. Jane was not interested in the assignment however she followed her instructions. She brought the party to Cethanol where she assisted them in finding the Ancestral Home of humans, Deth Kamyn, and then assisted in a raid on the Sunken Citadel. Shortly after travelling to Doryash, Jane confessed that she had been sent by Slan to spy on you. She couldn’t see any reason to keep up her assignment though and so she returned to Eddinval to report you are not a threat to Slan.


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