“Will there ever truly be peace?” asked Innallian to Arius. “Can the mortals ever find contentment in our webs?”

The powerful god Arius hesitated in reply to his sister’s question which spoke to Innallian more powerfully then any reply could have given. Arius was uncertain and afraid. Gods had nothing to fear, and yet he was afraid.

“There is much that needs to be considered dear sister. We make this world for them and then we hand it over to the goddess. We give them the weapons to fight, but we do not fight ourselves. We push them to achieve greatness, but we never strive for anything above mediocrity for ourselves. the world will not survive us if we do not leave it to them.” Arius told Innallian, the mother of the elven race and all beauty in the world.

It was the long standing argument amongst the gods: To interfere or to remain neutral. Though the Father, Kaylistis, had instructed his children to leave the denizens of the mortal world to grow as they see fit, none of the gods were prepared to abandon their children and talk of revolution had come from the most unlikely of all allies, the Lady of Madness, goddess of all that is twisted and vile.

Innallian pleaded with her brother, “But if I were to stand back, some cursed dragons or a band of filthy orcs would come to my beautiful elven woods and defile it. The elven race would weaken and the beauty of the world will vanish.”

Arius merely peered into the void that separated the world of gods from the world of men. He took no notice to Innallian’s departure, his attention fixed to the mortal world upon a single man.

“Be prepared my champion,” he whispered through the bonds of reality, “For once again the gods will play their game.”

Echoes Through Eternity